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Dave will help you minimize the possibility of re-injury while reducing your recovery time, and the need for a prolonged course of treatment.

Patient Profiles

Recovery from injuries.
Facilitation of a speedy recovery from acute injuries, chronic injuries, and post-operative surgery.
Competitive/recreational runners
Specialized treatment for running injuries. Educational program to enhance the performance of your body to meet your running goals.
Supportive recovery.
Treat and educate utilizing supportive mechanisms to return to full function. i.e. taping, bracing, etc
Training and workout injuries.
Treat and promote healing of injuries caused by overexertion, excessive training and overuse during personal workouts.
Occupational overuse.
Recover from neck and low back pain while learning how to make postural changes to correct and prevent muscle imbalances, and
postural dysfunctions.
Team sports.
Extensive,and an experienced knowledge base of various team sports injuries, and the demands of returning back to team sports.
Repetitive overuse injuries.
Educating and modifying workouts to minimize the reoccurrence. Treat the muscle imbalances that are creating the symptoms.
An extensive awareness of a triathlete's training routines and commitment to their sport. Utilizing my experience in treating triathletes to be proactive, and preventative with their workouts.
Sports and general Swedish massage techniques to promote healing and return to full function.
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  • warm-up conditioning programs

  • activity adaptation to environment and facilities

  • prophylactic or supportive taping

  • ​equipment selection

Immediate Care

 Acute & Sub-Acute
  • assessment of injuries and conditions

  • use of contemporary rehabilitative techniques

  • soft tissue mobilization

  • relief of discomforts stemming from stress, muscular overuse and chronic pain syndromes

  • home exercise program


 Musculoskeletal & Chronic Injuries
  • supportive strapping techniques to provide optimal healing and safe reintegration into an active lifestyle

  • various massage techniques

  • works in co-operation with the members of your health delivery team and is an integral part of a complete service to maximize your performance and welfare


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